Organizing Photos Class
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Turn Your Photo Clutter into Picture-Perfect Memories!
Learn how to get ALL your photos—print AND digital—under control!
No tech expertise needed!
Wish you could finally bring order to your vast collection of memories?
Are you tired of hunting down that one elusive photograph?

Hunting through digital folders and random memory cards ...

Or digging through endless shoeboxes stuffed with printed pictures?

Then join Andrew for this fun, easy-to-follow, and complete Photo Organizing Class.

You'll learn how to quickly declutter, sort, and preserve your print and digital photos with ease and efficiency.

Do you struggle with any of these issues? 
Too Many Photos
No Clear System
Disorganized Photos
No Backups or Protection
Duplicate Photos
Tech Challenges
Not Enough Time
Emotional Attachment
LIVE 90-minute class on May 30 at 8:00 PM Eastern
You'll Get:
Organizing Photos Class  90-Minute LIVE Teaching 
All new 7-Step comprehensive photo organizing process
Exclusive community for accountability and motivation
FOREVER ACCESS to the class recording—no transcript
Plus these handouts: 
⭐️ Photo Sorting Do's and Don’ts 
⭐️ How to Let go of Photos 
⭐️ Planning Your Photo Albums 
Enroll now for just $97!
Get a FREE Spring Refresh Playbook
when you choose the VIP option at checkout.
Quick!  Only while supplies last!
Technology can be intimidating, right?
Especially when it comes to managing digital photos. ‍
Andrew has a knack for simplifying complex concepts, breaking them down into easy-to-follow steps.

By the end of this class, you’ll know exactly how to organize your photos effortlessly.

You'll save dozens of hours and lots of frustration, regardless of what condition your photos are currently in.

You'll be able to find and share any picture with friends, family or colleagues—and you'll be able to do it easily.

And you'll have greater confidence and comfort interacting with your print and digital photos. 
Tackling a large organizing project can feel daunting.
That's why this class is laid out step-by-step—so you can start as small as you want.

You’ll learn how to take bite-sized tasks and fit them easily into your daily routine.

And you'll know how to speed things up once you feel confident and see some progress.

Either way, you’ll get immediate relief using any of Andrew’s expert tips, tools and strategies. 
Don't let your precious memories stay buried in chaos any longer.
 Our student Joyce struggled to deal with all her photos, too.

She had print photos under her bed, hidden in closets, scattered around her home.

Her daughters often sent her digital pictures of her grandchildren—they piled up, too.

Every time she went looking for a picture, whether it was a physical photo or a digital picture, she'd get anxious and frustrated.

Nothing about her photos was fun ...

And she was stuck in the past, lamenting modern technology ...

She felt old and stupid and out of touch ...

Sound familiar?

Then she took this class and suddenly felt some relief ...

Sure, there was work to do ... but she didn't feel stupid or old or like life was passing her by anymore ...

Now she had some tools ... and the confidence to use those tools, too ...

And the best part is…

Like Joyce, YOU can learn HOW to do all these things, too—in just 90 minutes! 

You’ll get simple, easy-to-follow instructions that you can use instantly.
Here’s just some of what we’re going to cover in this class:
Eliminating photo overwhelm
Preserving precious memories for generations
Creating a streamlined easy-to-maintain system
Effortlessly finding any photo … anytime, anywhere
Tailored strategies for every platform—Apple, Android, etc.
Showcasing and sharing your images with friends and family
Mastering the art (and craft) of organizing digital photos
Time-saving techniques for downloading and sorting photos…
and a whole lot more!
You don't have to be a tech wiz to succeed in this class!
Casual photographer or a passionate shutterbug ...?!

This class will help you relive cherished moments and share them with loved ones.

You'll learn exactly how to create a legacy that will be treasured by your family for generations to come. 
Grab this class now and get even more help and instruction with our VIP option, too!
Enroll now for just $97! 
I love my photos again! 
I used to keep all my photos under the bed—and get anxious just thinking about them.

Now, I get to keep my memories and let go of the clutter!

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Kevin Smith
I love this class!
 I get overwhelmed so easily and I have never been good at baby steps—so this class is perfect for me.
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Sharon Simmons
 Here's Everything You'll Get When You Enroll...  
LIVE 90-Minute Organizing Photos class taught by “The Most Organized Man in America”
Downloadable worksheets and resources
All new 7-Step comprehensive photo organizing process
Exclusive community for accountability and motivation
FOREVER ACCESS to the class recording—no transcript
Grab this class now and get even more help and instruction with our VIP Day when you check out!
Enroll now for just $97! 
🥇 Trusted By 🥇
🥇 Trusted By 🥇
Meet Your Coach 
 Andrew Mellen
‍“The Most Organized Man in America”

Andrew is not your ordinary organization guru—he’s been a professional organizer and coach since 1996.

‍With over 27+ years of experience, he's transformed over 500,000 lives with his unique brand of clarity, simplicity, and serenity.

His expertise in organizing has earned him accolades from clients worldwide, and now, he's sharing his knowledge with you.

Andrew is the best-selling author of 3 books: Calling Bullsh*t on Busy, Unstuff Your Life!, and The Most Organized Man in America’s Guide to Moving.

This Organizing Photos Class has helped me on multiple levels!
Andrew has made is so simple for me to understand!

This class is loaded with useful information and practical tips.

I never thought I’d say this, but organizing my photos is now actually fun!

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Deborah Klinger
Grab this class now and get even more help with our VIP Option too!
This ultimate Organizing Photos Class is a lasting investment in protecting your precious memories.

Don't let technology, overwhelm, or lack of time hold you back any longer.

Say goodbye to photo overwhelm—and hello to an organized photo collection that brings you joy every day.


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