Tired Of Fighting Over Stuff?
 Are you constantly arguing with others about clutter? 
Learn how to get along AND get organized for good, now!
Are you sick and tired of fighting with kids, parents, partners, roommates or colleagues over STUFF?!

Isn’t there some way to stop all the nagging, begging and yelling?

Is it too much to ask for ... some peace AND to not be tripping over crap every day?

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone at home or work knew where their OWN stuff was so they weren’t always asking YOU to find it for them?

If that sounds too good to be true, you won’t want to miss this class.

In just 90 minutes, you’ll get the strategy and tools you need to find common ground with the clutterbugs in YOUR life … even if that clutterbug is YOU.

You’ll get simple, practical tips you can instantly use to get everyone on board and working together …

All without anyone having to be “the bad guy!”

Few things are more upsetting than walking on eggshells at home or the office… 

—and even when you’re fighting, you feel like crap and still can't seem to help yourself.

You resent constantly picking up after everyone and being the target of everyone’s anger.

And it’s only STUFF for goodness’ sake—aren’t there more important things for you all to be doing?

So why is it that stuff ISN’T a problem until no one can find what they’re looking for …

And then it’s, “HEY, has anyone seen my [fill in the blank]? I’ve looked everywhere?!

So, you have to grit your teeth one more time and come to the rescue.

You’re either the monster that’s constantly nagging everyone to pick up after themselves or the martyr to the rescue when they need you.

No wonder there’s so much simmering just below the surface …

There is a better way but you never seem to find common ground …

Add in anytime you're stuck at home and it just makes matters worse.

It’s no wonder your stress levels are through the ROOF and have been for months!

It doesn’t have to be this way!

You can figure out ways to share space and not be the angry cop or the doormat

You can enjoy spending time with your colleagues and family.

And the best part is…

They can learn HOW to manage stuff without YOU being their teacher or boss!

You don’t need expensive therapy or to break up to end the constant arguments and disagreements ...

There is a way to eliminate the friction and hard feelings ...

You don’t need to end each day embittered and frustrated.
You'll get a simple, easy-to-follow process that you can use instantly.
This isn't therapy ... it's simple conflict resolution and team building ... and not in some hokey or fake "kumbayah" way ... wouldn't that be helpful?!
Live more harmoniously 
Whether it’s you or someone you love or work with who is struggling with disorganization, you’ll find useful, practical tips and tools to live more harmoniously and still find anything you need in 30 seconds or less.
Learn practical ways to manage your stuff
You’ll learn simple, practical and sustainable ways to manage your stuff while growing closer together in your relationship.
Enjoy more quality time together
There are simple ways to eliminate a key source of discord from your relationship AND suddenly have more time for all the things you both enjoy!
Here’s just some of what we’re going to cover:
How to resolve “stuff” conflicts at home and work without blame or shame
How being organized creates more time for intimacy
How to handle sentimental objects from past relationships and childhood
How to stop a fight about “stuff” before it begins while still saving face
How to keep the focus on your life together rather than the clutter
How to motivate colleagues to tidy up instead of badgering them
How to support new habits and foster better choices without trying to win

And so much more ...

Grab your access to this class and bonus guidebooks for just $97!
Using Andrew's tools and suggestions, we emptied 11 storage containers–and we are still married AND speaking!

Thank you, thank you thank you!

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Ginny Freeman
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With Andrew’s remarkable organizational gifts, along with his sharp skills in diplomacy, we completely reimagined our garage conversion and our relationship.

We can’t thank him enough!

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Garry Henderson
Here’s just some of what you get ...
HD recording of class taught by “The Most Organized Man in America”
This is the sold-out class on stuff and relationships that Andrew’s taught at Omega Institute and NY Open Center
Ongoing access to the 90-minute in-depth training replay and bonus materials
BONUS step-by-step “How to Resolve Stuff Conflicts” and “Stuff That Can Go Now” guidebooks
Andrew's practical approach to stuff, disorganization, and relationships is creative, powerful, and extremely effective–it even makes the work easy and fun!
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Ilene Wolf